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Fury bubbles forth again

Well, and lookie-here, its not from work!

I got my roomate assignment in the mail today. Bad thing. It means that the time left to get the space that was AriKim's is running very thin, if it isn't gone already. And I can't get in touch for an emergency rendevous because they're in Balt/DC looking for an apartment. Bugger with a capital EVERYTHING.

And now the "In the End" remix by Linkin Park (and whatever dimwits they called in on it) just came on. It seems like they took everything flowing about the song and dammed it up. Not bad, but the lyric changes are a bit of an interesting trip, turning it from a song about a spurned love (due to suicide?), to just an odd song about time. And what happened to that lovely piano bit to the original? Its all off-key and off-tempo -- and I can't hear important things like pitch or tempo correctly! So maybe it is bad. Jury's still out, I'm thinking its about 8 against, 2 for and 2 currently abstaining.

Anways... Grace isn't being too nice about accepting my connection, please excuse me while I curse it out.

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