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Well, that was odd.

Out of the nine people scheduled to show up, only one person other than me did. schrapnel. She's an internet entrepreneur, and likes using LJ to keep tabs on her friends from all around the globe. We talked about stuff. She's got an infant daughter (janedoe2k) for whom she helps keep an LJ of her own. I haven't read it yet, but it promises to be a good read :-).
I told her, "Y' know, I expected all the people who'd show up at this thing to be teenage girls. I mean, look at the stats page!"

So, well met, Di-ann, and et cetera.

The rest of my day: okay. I was at the beach today, a lovely reprieve from the horrors of the pool. There were two cases of possible heat exhaustion, constituting emergencies. One of them, the person in the chair (who had the radio), didn't hear the call, so we got scolded. The second, I ran (as in I had a superb time letting loose and jetting) to the Pavilion, to help this lady.

So, yeah, an eventful, but not bad, day.
So we all know how the rest of the week will turn out, no?

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