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No Rain

So, I went to work. Left at the regularly scheduled time.
Important: The only job worse than the chlorine and the vacuum combined is sweeping the scum gutters.

And now, a little autobiographical account of what I did after dinner today, because I thought it so well showed me and my beliefs.
After dinner, I packed my bank card and my paychecks into a double poly bag with some paper towels. Then I walked out into the rain. I walked, without umbrella, cap or raincoat, the mile to my bank. Before I got there, I realized I forgot to bring money for the suntan lotion that I would need to get, so I decided to take out a $20 to spend at the CVS near my bank.
As I swiped my card at the ATM to gain access to my account, I realized that this was a Visa Check Card, and I would be better off if the only withdrawl I made was the precise amount needed to cover the cost of my sunscreen.
My buisness done, I left the cold air-conditioned bank, and went to CVS. I was hoping to find the sunscreen in the Seasonal Aisle, where it had been for the rest of the summer. It was not there, so I asked an employee as to where I could find it. Once directed properly, I looked for the store brand sport lotion, but could not find it, so I bought the Coppertone at nearly twice the price.
Swiping my card and punching my PIN seemed to be the order of buisness for today. I refused a bag for my small purchase, and left.
Walking back in the rain.

Okay, so thats the end of my bullshit for today, I think.

Other than that stuff up there...
Oh yeah, at work! There was this girl with a splinter, so I went and got the tweezers (which we are not allowed to use (we'd do more damage to get it out)), and an antiseptic/anesthetic spray. I gave the family the tweezers, when all of a sudden some people behind me start shouting "Lifeguard!" I turn around to find a kid who is obviously having trouble breathing -- my worst nightmare for these things (imagine giving rescue breathing to someone with a constricted wind pipe...). I turned back around, tossed the family the spray, and turned my attention to the kid. I got him to sit down, and open up his chest by holding his hands over his head. I yelled to the guard with the radio to get Roxie. I talked him down, tried to get him to relax and take deep breaths. Apparently he had inhaled a small bit of water, and that, obviously, wasn't agreeing with him. He was relaxed and breathing regularly by the time Roxie showed up (<30 seconds after I yelled it up, so <40 seconds after the problem was apparent).

Okay, so shut up Peter!

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