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Shine the Light

So, Chloe forgot that I was going to be at her house tonight at 8 pm to pick up my CD player that I left last week. Lovely.

Work was cool. Another windy day, bringing back my favorite midnight blue. (Beach of course!). Still haven't gotten my new sched done by Roxie, but I'll bug her about that tomorrow. There was a drill. It went relatively smoothly. We're getting this down pat again.

Oy and oy in regards to Chloe.

Oh, and that lovely little hateful kid came back today. Out of the 10 or so kids who started the class, he was the only one who hung around to finish it. He was also very respectful, and tried to help me keep control over the class. I'm leaning towards rmeinhart's imitation theory. Lets hope I can be a good role model for him as well.
Me as a role model, isn't that fucking scary?
Someday I will find
That love again will blow my mind
Lately it will be
That love had got away from me
"The Mountains Win Again" by Blues Traveller
Of course, thats the itsy-bitsy optimist in me trying to be heard through a very lovely song.

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