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So Hi.

Work was evil as is usual for days at the pool. One guy thought he could give me a hard time becuase he is Sal's (the general manager's) friend. I made sure that Sal made clear to him that this was not the case.

So. Yeah. Words to the wise from yesterday: Don't try teaching Tae Kwon Do to twin four-year-olds on the beach. They will simply throw sand at each other. The 8- and 9-year-olds are a better investment of time.
Also: Never underestimate the amount of hate in a nine-year-old's body. He told me that I should kill any Afganis (or in his words, "Afganistans") who practice in the WMAA. I tried to explain that all of us who practice together are friends. He failed to care. I almost don't want him to come back next time.

::hugs:: to Ari.

Oh, and in other news, I think I'm gonna actually use the bio section for a bio. Shocking, no?

Some you win
Some you lose
The fish are out of water
"Fish Out of Water" by One Minute Silence

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