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Did you know that trawling for shit at the bottom of a pool sucks an incredible much? I do.
We had to close the pool for the remainder of the day, and I had to swim in ultrachlorinated water for sterilized shit.
Then, and only then, did we vacuum.

Oh, and..
Murphy's Law of Misplaced Objects
This law states that, any misplaced object, once a replacement is purchased, will reappear.
So now I have two pairs of sunglasses.

However, I will

Note the mirrorness, so, as Sammy says, the idiots won't know where you are looking.

And in other news... I have a box for my bank stuff!! YAY!

And in yet more news, I think I'll be renewing my LJ subscription soon, early, because I'm down to my last code, which I will probably use while I write this...
Using now...
Everybody say "hey" to bxsci_freaks! If you are a BxSci Freak, submit a request to join, and, if I can verify your BxSci Freakiness, then you will be accepted (gotta keep out the riff-raff, you know) [wait, we are the riff-raff] (then we gotta keep in the riff-raff!). Oh, and I'm adding a few of you by default.
Hope you all enjoy it and pass along the word!

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