Peter (xoder) wrote,

Quick, maybe

Okay, all you freaks who took discrete math, using these precepts:
  • Seagate Beach Club Members are the stupidest people on the planet earth
  • Their guests are dumber
And Ari's average IQ law (avg. IQ = max IQ/num of ppl), prove that
  • The average IQ at the Seagate Beach Club is negative

And in other news, lots of assholes today.
Oh, and there were these two gay guys in the pool, I got one complaint about 3 minutes after they kissed. Unlike the straight teenage couple who had been about 2 seconds from intercourse for the course of 7 minutes for whom I got about 3.
The reasoning was the same
There are kids around

Oh, and I went to Chloe's Fourth Party / Observation of the Fireworks, stoneliongrowl, last_soldier, invconvenience, charleniehead, Chloe, Vickary, Zach, Morgan, theMythicallyDissappearing Max, catmandux, Cyrus, and probably other people, but my brain is leaking... out of what, I have yet to determine.
The view was good.

And in other news, and only one person who reads this will care, I recently found another LJ member who is a member of the WMAA, Hi comadrug235! (I just noticed, that her and I are the only two of us... placing her 18th on the interests comparison with myself)

thats it for now,

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