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Never again

After work, decided to go with the others to the red buoy.
Bad idea.
Too many weak swimmers.
It got to be me and Chris M. and Eileen and rest.
We were getting sucked out to Coney.
I decided I had to get back to the Beach Club because they were not getting there (and neither was I, at the rate I was waiting for them). So.
I took off with Chris.
We made it back to the beach club. Told Sal what was happening. He made the calls, we got an emergency response. By the time that the response was in full swing, they were walking up the W37th street beach.
So now Sal will be fined for a false alarm. Of course, its not really a false alarm, just overworry, I suppose.
Eileen's pissed at me. I guess I was not clear in my intentions, and she was upset she had to pull Sal (a smoker) in the whole way. So yeah.
Sal's not upset though, he thought we acted with proper caution. Eh.

TKD's starting next week, so tommorrow's a real day off. Laura called me. We'll see Minority Report (Chris said it was good). Then I'll probably fall asleep.

I'm so tired.

Anyways, lets hope Roxie doesn't kill me, eh?

much love,
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