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So lax I am

So first off, welcome last_soldier and charleniehead! Quick, learn how to use the lovely Friends feature so the ugly blue arrows (and so horrible for a wonderful color like blue to be used on such a sad arrow) into pretty green ones. If you guys are reading this, then hit up the picture on xoder. This will take you to my profile. Then hit the little picture of an LJ head with a plus sign above it. Boom! I'm on your friends list. Of course, its easier with the client, but I'll give you time to come to your senses.

Oh, and here's an interesting thing: My comments given and comments recieved balanced out today...
at 342!

Sorry, the sun makes my brain go squishy!


Note to self from yesterday: 13'23.21"

Went to catmandux's bday party yesterday. Gave him a kiss on the cheek, and had to run home so I could wake up early for today for work. Speaking of work...
M 12-6
T - (but I have TKD to give)
W 9-6
R 10-6 (TKD)
F 12-6
S 10-6
S 9-6

And in other news...
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