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"No livejournal post yet?" she says

So, work.
Lightning closed things early, but I still got paid. Its all good.

Regarding the Pledge of Allegiance debate:
"Under God" is a blatant state endorsement of monotheism. My (and your) First Amendment rights protect us from such.
The original Pledge of Allegiance (written by a minister!) read:
I Pledge Allegiance
To the Flag
of the United States of America
And to the Republic
For which It stands
One Nation
With Liberty and Justice
For All
It was changed in 1954 to prove to the Knights of Columbus (and other religious and quasi-religous groups) that the United States of America was not a Godless Communisim. I know I loved McCarthyism, didn't you?
Lets keep it as it was written before.

And in other news, faboo has pointed out a very disturbing concept in computing today. Hit up his journal and click the link for one of the more recent posts... Fucking SCARY

that is all,
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