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Work. Well, it was work.
Some thunder heard, so we closed up the water for a bit, but then it went away, so we reopened.
Apparently, I'm the Pool Nazi.
Or, I should be a cop. Or so says the member who obviously really wanted to eat in the pool area. Let me remind everyone that the New York Board of Health (not the Seagate Beach Club) made that law, and I am simply doing my best to make sure our pool conforms to that standard.
But anyways. The members are bitchy fools, each convinced that they pay their membership fees so they can ignore the rules of the facilities, to the detriment of each other.


The glasses I use at work.
Note the haircut.

And in other news: More lady bugs landed on and around me today than any other day in the past. Did you have something to do with it, eh Melissa?

And in yet other news: Nick is going to camp tomorrow. Well, that will be quieter.

Go forth, and differentiate,
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