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This has to be the slowest day on record. Not that people didn't show up, time just went very slowly.
After work, I stayed late to mess about in the water with other guards, a cabana staff and the barkeep. Fun stuff.

Wierd dream last night/this morning:
So, I had heard that my brothers were having a bonfire on the Brooklyn Bridge. So I went there, and called them out, and they came out, leaving their fire behind. Theirs was not too big, and I knew it would peter out without them, so everything was safe, but then these two girls popped out (closer to Bklyn than my bros.) (I couldn't see them, but they were dressed somewhat gothy), clearly fleeing their own out of control fire. There was a third fire, but it was so out of control, that it reached all the way up the Brooklyn tower.
Next thing I know, its day time, and I'm treading water in the East River, on the Upper East side of Manhattan. There are other ppl there with me, and although I do not know them, I knew they were my friends, and we were going to go swimming.
Another unexplained cut, and I'm suddenly in a very fast ferry zooming past them after coming out a tunnel that looks suspiciously like the 92nd street (i think) overpass of the FDR Drive, but with water in it. We take a tight turn around the southern tip of Randalls Island, heading out to the Sound.

I just want to quote myself from a comment to a friends LJ, because its important, and because the entry itself was protected. I hope the owner of the journal's okay with this. Its something that I forgot until I wrote it out myself.
All I can say is that love is a bigger concept than one person, you will survive, and there will still be love in your life.
As you know, I'm no religious person, I don't believe that there's a big all-loving diety with a inferiority complex.
But I do believe that there is more love in most people's lives than they realize.
There's love everywhere, forget that, and you will never regain your humanity.
::much love/hugs::

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