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Today (aren't my subjects *so* original?)

Working tomorrow, too.
This is the last day this week I'm bailing them out with extra hours. Friday, I'm off, so :-P to them!
Not much to today, but at the end, I got to use some of that special training that we lifeguards get. This little girl had scratched a long line up her leg ("it itched" she said), whic was bleeding somewhat. After the bleeding had mostly stopped (PRESSURE), I wrapped it up like a text book case of a leg injury. I am the man.
Had some fun trying to clear out the sewer that we backwash into. No, really, it was fun. We had a little pump and everything. Lots of diatomatious earth. FUN FUN GLOP GLOP! Still, after all our valiant efforts, we needed to call rotor-rooter. But we tried.
Vacuum fucked up in a brand-new kinda way today. Just passed the water straight through, no filtration. Isn't that lovely? We had to clear out the scum gutters (which is where we put the exit tube after we discovered the situation), which was lots of painful work.
But mostly, I was at the beach. Nice relaxing work.

Other than that, as usual (say it with me, kiddos) I'm boring.

Perhaps I'll fix that. Perhaps not.
Then again, have I ever fixed that?


Update: Oh, and I found my go board. The Book of Classic Board Games, published by Klutz Publishing. I rule!
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