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Not uneventful. I hate it when this shit happens.
Some kid was crawling around outside, trying to get something, and he tripped this old guy. The old guy broke his nose and started bleeding all over the place. Luckily, I wasn't down guard, so I only got to stay at the pool and miss the carnage.
There were many breaches of protocol, like no one called "emergency" over the radio (my job), and we had only one guard at the pool (me).

So, thanks to that, and the fact that the parochial schools are out for the summer. Tuesday (or at least this Tuesday) has become a working day for me. 10-6.

So, after all that, I came home, to a message from Mark stating that if I wanted my DVD's back, I'd have to go see him. So, I went and saw him (I loaned him the Trigun box set) at Barnes and Noble (in Downtown Bklyn, our usual spot in the SF&F racks). We sat, talked about books for awhile, helped out a fantasy reader to pick some fantasy books (okay, Mark helped him, I'm not much of a fantasy buff, SF's more my taste, but you all knew that).
Then we started walking back, talking about story ideas and such.
And we kept talking when we got to his building, under the awning. Just about stuff. Geeks we are and such. Then it started raining, so I went up to his place to pick up a plastic bag for the DVDs, then we went back downstairs, still talking. Damn, that boy can talk.

That was my day. Oh, and I think a few of my knuckles have gotten around to not liking me.

Oh, and there's a certain person who usually reads this who I haven't seen on AIM lately, where are you, dearie ;-)?

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