Peter (xoder) wrote,


I had this dream last night... very odd.

I was with about 3 or 4 other guys in what looked like a dilapidated hotel in Midtown. We had guns, and we were shooting out of the windows at our opponents, who had us very much outnumbered. My gun was very odd, in that the bullets were visible in the clip, which wasn't in the handle. The bullets also weren't spring-loaded, but this didn't really affect me more than once, where I had to keep cocking the gun (by pulling the barrel back) to center the bullet. I (and my comrades-in-arms) had weird little dark ghosts with bright outlines and feral features inside of us. We kept going up and up in the building. At one point I said, I'm sick of this shit, so I went downstairs. Then I ended up in this guy's bedroom, he was singing as he came out of the bathroom, "I'm engaged, I'm engaged..." then he caught sight of me and said, "... to my little underage boy toy here." I explained that I simply wanted to get out of the building and go home. He said he'd help me, but he needed to go get ready first, so I waited with his friends in the TV room. I told them about everything, comparing it to a John Woo film, and they said that that was crazy. I explained about the ghost thing, and they told me that the bad guys would find me. Strangely enough I didn't really care. Weird things happened, but stopped happening with this girl in the room. [End dream]

Another weird one:
I was at RIT. I was walking down a very busy and very developed quarter mile. The dorms had been extended all the way down. I ran into Jaime, and said, "Hi, how do you like it so far?" She said that it was good, but seemed a bit cliquey. I explained that that was just people first arriving and bunching up with the people who they first saw. Then I ran into someone else from BxSci who I knew, but is going to RIT (not Matt, so I don't really know who...), and we walked past a few guys who were kissing, and he went "eww," and I told him he had better get used to it, and wasn't he used to it already from our friends? [End dream]

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