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So I will depart from my traditional rants and instead discuss something that has been stuck bothering me since I got a certain email.


I believe that honor is following your own moral code to the best of your abilities. If you can look at all you've done, and say, at every juncture, I did the right thing, and that you are pleased with it, that is acting with honor.
Of course, this definition leaves a lot of room for abuse.
Hell, even things like mass genocide can be rationalized away this way.
But I believe that it can't.
Because most people who do things like that tell themselves one of two things: I did the necessary thing, or gods that was fun! Both are not... right, as much as that word is dangerous.
Oh, and since this is my opinion, I might as well tack on my usual bit: but the most important part is that you do not force this on others.

I believe, that although things have been hard at times. And easy at times as well. I have been honorable -- true to myself and my beliefs.

that is all,
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