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Normally, I'd say that is all, but AOL also stole (as in crashed my computer so i lost another) one of my LJupdates, so I will recreate it for my loving (read "loving" as "loathing") public.

Work was work. Against the current fashion, I was brought in while others stayed home. No one came in, so we did lots of pool maintainence to prepare for the weekend. I hate hate hate that fucking vacuum. I swear its giving me tennis elbow.

I played a little go after I got back home (the pool closed at 3, unheard of). Was losing miserably, and i had dinner, so I had to abandon the guy.

Had dinner.

Came down, played two games of go with codepoet. Was able to solidly prove my own idiocy, and how it keeps cropping up in wherever I forgot to squash it last. Like the most evil of weeds. And still I play. Why? I'll figure that out later.

quietpsycho's party is tomorrow. My little yellow pills must protect me (kitties!!!!).

And in other news. ttyl,
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