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Hmmm, I guess its that time again...

where I write an LJ entry.

General synopsis of Rudicon: it sucked. There weren't enough players to run most games. Especially and most importantly, MINE. I wanted to play Trinity. But, noooooo, only I showed up to play, so the ST said no.
Still, it wasn't a total loss. I met a lot of really cool people. We all talked a lot, and I'll probably play in a Vampire LARP starting Saturday. So, not a total loss.

I also helped the floor's intramural soccer team by showing up. I now remember why I stopped. I suck ass.

The game, did, however, get me slightly euphoric. Kinda like runner's high. Not too bad, though I'm a bit tipsy.

The guys are back from their trip to Pledge of Allegience. Hopefully they'll have cool stories.

i gtg

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