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I almost got in trouble today. There was a Reporter writer's meeting scheduled for noon today. So, I set my alarm to 10:30 to allow for enough time to get ready and get gone. Buuuuut... I forgot to see if it was am or pm.
It was pm.
I woke up at 12:15, saw the clock and said, "oh shit!" I kept looking at the clock trying to figure out what to do. Two minutes later, Will, the Managing Editor called me up and asked me why I wasn't there. I told him why. He said, "its okay, just hurry over."
I arrived at Reporter's office feeling certain that I would be the last one there and look like a loser because I was late. But no, it was me, like five people and Will.
Ahh well. At least I got a box of doughnuts and a gallon of apple cider out of it.

I also went to Rudicon and got some Trinity books. Good stuff.

Now all I have to do is go back there so I can cover the event.


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