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Now its time to clear up my own affairs

I've already posted in barenaked, so I might as well do one in good old xoder.

Saturday was quite uninteresting, so I will not waste my own time or yours by covering it. Just take it for granted that it was work. Work is work, yes?

So today, quite busy, no?
Woke up disgustingly early. Why? Easter Seals Roll and Stroll With Me 2002.
It was a 26-mile skate starting at Chelsea Piers, running North to the Lincoln Tunnel, through it to the Jersey side. Once in Jersey, we headed North (and incidentally, up) to the George Washington Bridge. We crossed the bridge back to Manhattan, and then South from there back to Chelsea Piers.
My skate went well enough... except... Well, I lost one wheel at around mile 3 or so. It was a middle wheel, so it was okay. But around mile 16, I lost another wheel, from the other skate's toe. Now, anyone who skates can tell you, the toe wheel is the power wheel. So I was very nearly dead in the water. But luckly, the dude I was skating with had a hex set, so I could make a quick wheel turnover.
After the skate, spent some time with Mark. He dissapears far too well for his own good, no? We watched some AMVs, Music Videos and some Anime (Gatekeepers ep 1-3, and Read or Die).

So, thats about it. Tomorrow will be an indoor day, mostly. Go to the library, pick up some books for my commutes to and from work, clean up the room (maybe), strip the old computer of anything useful, stuff like that.

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