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Yeah, I know, I've been bad. No posts and such. You can all kill (or was it kiss?) me later. Lots of stuff done since (checks history list for last update..) Tuesday. TUESDAY!? Crap!

Work. Me and Amber only. Well, Roxie too, but she doesn't really guard.
After work, went over to Sam's and bothered him and kitty_trie. Good times.

More work. Lots of work. Me and Chris (not my brother, but the guy who worked there last year). I can't figure him out. He's got this very devout christian bag.. but he doesn't act like it at all. Like he's all bravado, but it doesn't seem like he actually does any of the stuff he talks about (like he doesn't say he does it, just that he will one day). Roxie wasn't there, so we were the Chief of each other.

Got called off work. Had a question mark on the sched turned into a "no". Whatever. Went to Science. Harrassed Mendoza, Goldstein (who's retiring, the monkey!), and Uziel. Fun stuff.
Went to the play after that. Saw Mr. Cohen filming it. He was my TV teacher, senior year. Cool to see him again.
Chloe and Shosh were in the play. They were tasty.
After play (which was seen with many BxSci ppl, like Kitri, orangecream, Vlady, [The Amazing Dissapearing] Mark, and others), went with many ppl, who whittled down to Chloe, Vickary, Jaime and inconvenience. We got Subway and lounged around in Washington Square Park until it rained. At which point we got up and enjoyed it. I'm still a little wet now.
Anyways, came home (after missing the TKD Demo, which Mike (headmaster) was at... grr), and here I am.

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