Peter (xoder) wrote,

It burns it burns!!

Got a bit burnt.
No one was in the water.
And I have a story, of an asshole.
The scene: I arrive at the beach (at noon), and there is a boat. It is far too close to shore (and the nonexistant swimmers). It has been there for a half-hour. It has been whistled at for the past half hour. Another half hour of whistling occurs, and Roxy (head lifeguard) tries to communicate with them. They say their engine's dead. We ask if we should call for help. No reply. We call the Coast Guard, who calls the NYPD. The NYPD arrives at 12:30, complete with helicopter. So, Mr. Joe Sixpack in the fucking boat decides, holy shit, they actually thought we were in trouble, we'd better get out of here! Starts up his boat, and heads out.
Otherwise, a slow day.
Made a phonecall, still waiting on another (so why am I online [because they should be too....]).
Pokes to all!!
As the cost of living, I die
As the cost of dying, I live
At the chance of sounding selfish
Its my life time
H2O, Shine the Light

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