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Party Time

Well, due to the wacky weather that has befallen NYC, I got called out of work.

Because I got out of work, I got to go to the Greens' birthday party. Fun stuff. Perry (my uncle-cousin [really my cousin, but old enough to be my uncle, and I always thought of his kids as my cousins, but I digress]) put in a pool and jokingly wanted me to lifeguard. It was rather cold, but of course, I went in anyways. Had fun with Casey, Eric... just everybody.
I haven't seen them in ages.
And DANNY (my cousin, Uncle Alan's step kid) was there!
Holy shit, has it been awhile! Last time I saw him, I was like 12. He apparently got married to some girl that his parents didn't approve of in Florida. She wasn't there. I don't know the story.

And when we got home, me and the Bros saw Back to the Future 1. Good shit.

And in regards to this mornings post:
I know what I know
I've said what I've said
We come and we go
That's a thing that I keep
In the back of my head
Paul Simon, I know what I know

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