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Finals, get me outta here

Took the last final: Circuits I.
Highly survivable. I should do just fine.

Found a way to bork those two vids that were half-working. Burning the last one now.

I'm waiting for my dad to call. He'll be getting here any second now, and should be calling me soon.

People are outside. I don't really wanna go outside, in case my dad calls.

i've been trying to decompress the room, to make it easier to pack away. Maybe I'm making things worse. We shall see.

I've been playing around with the grace box... fun.
And I got GNUgo for windows. Apparently Ed thinks that there is a way to make jago play over TCP/IP, but we haven't found anything sensible yet. I've gotta play go this summer, or... grrr!

I think I'm gonna continue with the packing stuff thing

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