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Damn, I missed yesterday!

Ah well, I guess you guys don't really care, or I'd have a ton of angry IMs. :(

Today we had to get up at ungodly hours to goto FYE at Red Barn b55b55 is in my FYE class. She complained too.

Other than that, I met my new, permanent Writing and Lit prof. Interesting guy. Lotsa numbers in his grading scheme.

I booked my flights home. Good stuff.

Bill[roomie], John, Mike and someone else (I think) are already on their way for their road trip. In the words of John's away message, "In Syracuse for the night, Skidmore tomorrow morning, and Albany in the afternoon... Pledge of Allegiance 20th... and then fucked up til Monday... College Road Trip!!!!"
I think that pretty much covers their plans.

The room is empty. There's no porn getting ready next door. There's no Red Faction game on the internet. Some ppl are in Anthony's (the RA [he's next door to me]) room watching Chicken Run, but I'm not because I can't stop eating his candy.

My Caroline Rhea article was in Reporter today. Tasty. They cut a lot, but I put a lot of detail in, so that they could.

Things are boring here. I need to find some(thing/one) to do.
::smacks self::
Bad Petor! No random sex! Anyways, you know no one would dare fuck you.

Ummm... yah. Sorry about that outburst. I have a general policy of avoiding deletion of things that come to me in stream-of-consiousness writing, so I hope you enjoy that random brain fart.

gnite all,
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