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Hmmm new data must be computed

My statics and dynamics final is now declared optional. If I already have an A, why risk it, yeah?

So, the last issue of GDT (of this year) came out today. All you RIT ppl, go get it! Its got a color cover! And an article by me! The article is dedicated to all the important RIT people I know and love. You know who you are.
However, I must start writing bigger articles. Mine look so anemic next to the multi-page works of Rocko Bonaparte or Ren....
So that's for next year.

Also, at the moment, I'm rather annoyed at AriKim. Apparently, "meet me and James at Crossroads at 8pm on wednesday," means "don't go to the crossroads, or tell anyone about it."
So I will track you down, and you will sign my forms. Now.
My goal is to have this all done by friday. It might be done by the end of today... if I'm lucky.

Okay, I should maybe... nah, later.

Oh, and now we know the person who is taking the other of the AriKim's spots. Ari's roomate, Eric, will be taking it. That will be good. In the words of Douglas Adams, "he's one hoopy frood."

Maybe... just maybe....

One more second.
Yeah, so one more plug for GDT. Pick it up, we did a double run, so go pick it up. End of today, and there are no more copies? Fine, there will be more tomorrow!

Okay... now I should head to class....

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