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Hmmm... interesting situation...

Remember all my bitching about my housing situation, and how fux0red I was, even though I wasn't, because I had Honors Housing guaranteed.

Thing is, remember that small little note awhile back about Ari leaving here? Well so is Kim, they're both going to University of Maryland, or something like that.
Well, they had already gotten housing before anyone else had even entered the Lottery.
They had gotten University Commons housing.

For those who don't know, University Commons is the most desired section of real-estate on campus. 4 bedrooms and a common room for 4 ppl (unless I'm mistaken). Kitchen, broadband, utilities all included in rent. Fully furnished.
So, they're giving one spot to me.

Next year I will live with James (yes, TKD James), a physics major I don't know, and some other kid, yet to be determined.



And if I may switch topics for a sec. I was watching the fireworks from SpringFest, and I started thinking of a poem-like thing, which will be lj-cutted in below.


I stand with(the FlA[boom]s[bang]HeS)in
The light doesN'T cover up the cold

I shiver. I miss you:;r body, nestled against

I miss O[flash]U[bang]R fireworks
M'lady, I a(nxiously)wait your re(turn[and turn and turn])
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