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Finally, a bloody *GOOD* day!

Fucking Win32 dying on me!
Lost a whole LOVELY, HAPPY post. And I know you're all glad to see that!
So now, I will rewrite it!!!!!!!

Day got off to a mediocre start, statics and dynamics quiz. Sillyness.
Got better though.
Went to get Ari's Cookie Cake [

Happy Birthday Ari

maybe if I write it big enough, he'll read it, even if he doesn't read LJ].
Had a bugger of a time finding him, but did, so its all good. Had lunch at crossroads. Went on our merry ways.
Ran into none other than Melissa, John (from Baker A) and another guy who seemed rather cool.
Then b55b55 showed up with Matt and Mike. We all talked for awhile. Then people had to get going, and so it ended up with me, Melissa, and Brittany all going to the Commons (although I wasn't going for food, but instead company [LOADS better than counterstrike]).
And then, who should we meet on the way out, but faboo!!!
So, after trying to delay the departing ladies for a bit, faboo and I went up to his room, to play about with the box and with talking and such.
Then I went to Calculus with Melissa.
Then I went to Ari's b'day party.
Then I went to the GDT folding (PICK UP ISSUES everyone, I have an article this week... :-))
Now I'm here.

Much with the happy!

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