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They expect rain tonight. But its so nice and warm out now! I dunwan any rain!

Are things going well? I think so.

I just finished writing something up for GDT. I dunno if its very good, but I'm sure I can get better. I hope.

Anyways. Class is evil. I dunwanna go to class soon.

yeah, I know I'm making less and less sense. Sorry about that.

There's an interesting phenominon: everytime it approaches, it departs quicker.
Yeah, I know that doesn't make "sense" in the traditional meaning of "sense", but its important that I get it down, kay?

Any Win32 ppl who I haven't told before, go get Sex. Because we all know you want it, and want it bad. Anyways, I know you want to support your favorite AOL-Time-Warner Subsiary.

And in other news, the reason I'm writing right now is that Statics and Dynamics was again cancelled. Interesting that this 5-credit course is by far the easiest, most cut-able, and most often cancelled class out of all the classes I've had.

I wish I had cool stories of What I Did This Weekend, but, it being me, if I had any stories like that, I wouldn't be me. I'm sure you've all heard far too much of my bitching about that, so I'll try to keep it to a bare minimum.
Although, my weekend did end well. Getting things resolved tends to be a good thing, even if they're not completely resolved (will they ever be? probably not...).

I really don't know if passing time by typing is the best of ideas... I mean, what of my poor readers? Do they feel pain when they see disgusting rambles like this? Do they even care? Should I care, I mean, this is my journal after all?

Should I stop using question marks every other sentance?

Now, I have Circuits soon, and then lab after that. Doesn't that sound fun?

And the sky begins to cloud up... the humidity's increasing. Grrr....

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